Our services: Capture, collection and sorting of waste in rivers


H2OPE is part of a global environmental approach. Its solution covers the capture, collection and sorting of waste from watercourses, as well as their integration into the recycling and revalorisation industries..

Based on the principle of regular waste collection in rivers, the netting of River Whale prevents the majority of waste from degrading, allowing it to remain recyclable.

H2OPE offers to take action as follows :

  • Study of watercourses in order to determine most suitable locations for waste collection
  • Providing the local authority with an implementation study report
  • Location validation
  • Implantation of River Whale collectors
  • Periodic collection of waste
  • Sorting and weighing of collected waste
  • Integration into the revalorization and recycling industries
  • Regular establishment of detailed collection reports (quantity, type, origin)
  • Traceability of revalorization and waste recycling
  • Maintenance and repositioning of waste collectors